Wednesday, 21 April 2010

As mad as a bag......

This sunday i am running the London Marathon. Not my first marathon, but my first London, and most definately my worst prepared for marathon. Have done loads and loads of biking, but running has been a bit...fraught. As such have been officially grounded since last sunday. And no volcanic ash in sight....

I have been slowly but surely going around the twist..(anyone remember that kids tv program round the twist? was vaguely amusing) Anyway. Tapering is hell. It is official. Your body is tired, so you sleep. Your body is hungry so you feed not only are you NOT training as much, but you are still eating loads. Net result. FAT. Great. Isnt it enough that i have to run with 32F boobs, without the rest of me wobbling along behind?
I was described as a large runner the other day. I was a bit miffed. In fact, a lot miffed. But then my friend LJ complimented me today, whilst he was rubbing my legs, telling me he thought i had a lovely figure (i was paying him to do so....the leg rubbing, not the compliments, they were free :-) and then at the pool tonight, a girl friend, VP made me cry, by telling me if she wanted to speak to anyone about motivation, she would come to me!

So, after an hour of mostly arsing around in the pool, with a bit of aqua jogging thrown in, a nice massage and a cup of tea..i am feeling slightly less mad..and more looking forward to the marathon. Even if only because i was to get into my ironman training properly. Cue more madness. Lots of it. And IM madness is much much worse :-)

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  1. I remember Round The Twist .. I even remember the theme tune!

    Good luck on Sunday, I'll be thinking of you ... from one big boobed lady to another x