Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Leading up to london!

Well. it has been a few days! Weekend started last thursday really. with another accupuncture session. Am not sure it works......some of the points JB chose were REALLY painful :-( Is just one of those things. I dont know if it actually works, or if it placebo effect or something..but anyway. I might go back..though he is a bit bonkers...and seems to have an unhealthy interest in mucus....and not from my nose of mouth!!!! ;-)
Little run thursday evening, gave the legs a gentle work out, all of about 3 miles....felt good. Aimed to run about 10 min/miles....ran the measured mile along the road. Watch said 9.58.59 :-) That will do.

Friday i took the train to London and met Tory boy..who took me to the excel centre to get my stuff. Long story short. Got to excel, after listening to him ranting about how much he earns and the government. Much as i love him, i had forgotten what a tory he is. Sigh. Still...deep down he is ok ;-) Got number and goody bag, which contained a can of London pride :-)

Went for a mooch around london, including crossing the millenium bridge, which is one of my favourite places....drank wine, then went to hotel and crashed out....

Saturday..bit more mooching then met lovely CB for wine and gossip. Spent the day laying in Lincolns Inn fields...was very peaceful till the Capoeira lot turned up. Just when we were sniggering and taking the piss, the kick boxes in their fancy pants arrived, and destroyed our peace and quiet with all the huffing and puffing and grunting and stuff..... Sigh.

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