Thursday, 13 May 2010

Piss the bed...

I am confined to my house by my boss. I have the lurgy and it is rubbish. Started on sunday and i have finally conceeded defeat and called in sick. Only cos i knew if i went to work she would send me home again. We had a nice chat. The woman is a workaholic. She is supposed to be on holiday next week. She wont be. Crazy lady!
So, having lain in my bed all morning i thought i would get up. Only to lay in the bath a while. I hate being off work sick. Especially when i dont even feel that bad! felt MUCH worse yesterday. I always feel like i am swinging the lead a bit. Or taking the piss indeed.....But i guess having a headache that makes your vision go fuzzy might not be a good thing? My peripheral vision is to be quite precise a bit rubbish.

So not only am i banned from work, coach has banned me from training too. Arse.

So i am stuck as to what to do. I could go to the DIY store and buy some compost but that feels even more like taking the piss, so it might be an afternoon of crapola tv and ironing......or sleep.
IN the meantime, i have just come in from hanging out the washing. Now, W is a good man...he makes a decent cup of team but i have to say, his talents do not extend to the garden. In particular the mowing thereof. So much so, that i am considering mowing the lawn this afternoon. With this thought in mind i decided somwething had to be done about the dandelions. Not only are they rampaging across my lawn, but now the blighters are setting seed!FG thought our newly planted salad leaves would be happy to have a showering of dandelion i had to remove the seeds from the beds...and yes i KNOW you can eat dandelion, but getting the kids to eat salad at all would be a mitracle..but getting them to eat anything that resembled a weed would be nigh on impossible. So i have just spent ten minutes crawling/ walking in a squatty stylee dead heading dandelion bloody clocks into a plastic tesco bag, so that i can then mow the lawn. Or at least suggest to W that he might.

Damn i wish i was at work.

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