Friday, 4 June 2010

Bins in the ladies and things

It is very quiet at Maison Sparkly. The small sparklers are staying with their Nanna and Danna, in Devon. Thank god for grandparents! They are due back on sunday....and i await, with bated breathe, to hear which crisis has been narrowly avoided.

This time last year, i got a somewhat frantic phone call from Nanna...after she had been forced to tell  FG what the bin in the ladies toilet was for.....Previously, she had asked me about the paper bags, but i guess she figured she would test Nanna this time. Being a mother to 4 boys, i am guessing that Nanna had never found herself in this situation before. After trying to bat FG off with some feeble answer, which was roundly rejected..she had to explain about...shhhhhhh....periods. Fortunately the sparklers had already been briefed on mummy egg and daddy seed, so when poor Nanna got to the end of her long explaination, FG's response was, oh, ok then. Am somewhat worried that having spent a week sharing a bedroom with her rapidly devoloping brother, FG is going to come home, asking about masturbation. Wonder if i can leave that one for Danna. Or daddy ;-)

I have missed them. We took them to devon on sunday, and on monday spent the morning on the beach. We had found somewhat randomly, cheap wetsuits in Leigh Delamere services. (2 questions. Firstly, who names these bloody places? and 2, who decides what they sell, because it is wierd! Wetsuits, garden chairs and giant cuddly dogs seem to be the order of the day!), So once on the beach, after i had disappeared into the churning water, surrounded by surfers, ( Do you have any idea how far you have to swim in North Devon to find a patch of sea without surfers in? It is quite a long way. But diving into the waves that they are trying to catch is awesome!) the sparklers both managed to convince daddy that wakeboards were the order of the day. (I called them surfboards, but was thoroughly chastised!)

So, i emerge from the sea, to find two small and very happy kids.........if not a little cold!

Since we have been home, we have been so busy. I am not actually sure we can find time for the two sparklers to come home! Tuesday i saw the most adorable wee girl, N, who was born on 10th May. After a tense few weeks for her mummy and daddy, she is home. And i spent two hours cuddling her. I dont want anymore kids, but just occasionally, i feel a pang, when i smell their lovely milky smell and hold their tiny hands.

Wednesday we saw Ironman 2. This is what most people think you are talking about when you mention Ironman. I consider it my duty to reeducate the world :-)
And then we had pizza. Oh boy, was it yummy. and i had too much wine. Well, it doesnt hurt now and again.

But i MUST stop telling the kids that wine makes mummy clever. They both know perfectly well it makes mummy snore. And fall asleep on the sofa. Sigh. My secrets are out.

Last night was a lovely ride/swim/ride combo. Which would have been great. Apart from the 4 inch gash i now have in my wetsuit. I am hoping the nice people at BlueSeventy will pity me and change it for a new one,. If they dont..i can knock any plans for an ereader on the head!

And then today. Nearly 50 miles on the bike, followed by a run, in beautiful sunshine, through rolling countryside, with an aerial display by a Red Kite. STUNNING! I nearly gave myself a crick in the neck watching it, but then, that would have countered the ache i had from riding on the aerobars i suppose.

And now. As i sit, there is a strange piece of plastic, or rather, according to the literature, medical grade silicon, boiling on the stove. I have bought a mooncup. Which will confuse FG even more. I want to be there when she asks Nanna about this one :-)

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