Monday, 14 June 2010

When i want your opinion.....

I like to think i am a fairly laid back soul. I try and adopt a fairly laissez faire attitude at home with the children, about a whole range of things. I try not to cause fights over food, tv watching, bedtime etc. I like to think the kids know when to push and when is enough. Both W and i try to have a relaxed approach to our bodies, and bodily functions....and although it is hard for me, I am better about being negative about myself, cos i dont think this is good for them to hear. I also try very hard not to demonise anything, or anyone. I figure that everyone has a right to their own opinion, and i would welcome a debate with them, if it is something i maybe dont agree with. (there are exceptions to this rule.....There is a certain 'politician' who i will have no truck with whatsoever. And would quite happily see him and his racist 'party' take a long walk off a short pier..)
The one thing i really dont like is people shoving their opinion down my throats, especially when i havent asked. Still, as an adult i can tolerate even this.

However, i have been made exceptionally angry tonight, by the actions of a parent, of one of the kids in FT's class. She is a strict vegetarian, which is fine. I dont eat mammals, but do eat poultry and fish. (However, i would never say to you that i think you are cruel for eating bacon....)Apparently, she came to After school club today, bringing veggie food with her, and talking to the kids about vegetarianism. If i thought she was giving information to the kids in an open and unbiased way, then i really wouldnt mind. The kids have been doing projects on healthy eating, and good vegetarianism has its place. Sadly, this parent appears to think it is ok to bring in Animal Aid leaflets and give them out to our kids. I dont mind my kids being told about their diet options. However this leaflet is aimed at 'young veggies'. I suspect this means 10 plus.... It doesnt have any guidelines on it, or any warnings that it may contain graphic images or content. It innocuously features a picture of a cute happy looking piglet on the front, along with the very trendy suggestion to 'Be cool, not cruel!' On opening the leaflet, on page 3, one is confronted by  a picture of a cow, shot in the head, next to a paragraph about Animal Slaughter. A very much alive pig, alongside the paragraph on Animal suffering, and  further down pictures of bits of meat and animal carcasses. And all on page 3!
Turning the page we go onto the suffering of farmed animals, and then how are they killed? With graphic images of animals, and language that even i find upsetting.

I am a realist. I know people eat meat. I know it isnt all fluffy little lambs in meadows bedecked with buttercups, whilst chickens scratch in the earth searching for worms. I know this is not a genuine reality for every animal that may end up on the plate. Thank fully, so do my kids. We have talked about where meat comes from, although i have not gone into graphic detail about the precise nature of field to plate. They are only 6 and 8 for goodness sake. They still believe in Father Christmas.

How DARE this parent assume that she has the right to give out this material to my kids at school?

I will be having words.


  1. Wow. I've been vegetarian for 27 years now and this is the sort of thing that gives all vegetarians a bad name. That's just going to frighten children, they can learn the realities in their own time. It's a choice, true, and they need the information to make up their minds but it has to be balanced. I bet her children are not allowed to sample meat either - my son eats what he wants to eat, his diet, so long as it's healthy, is his decision. I'm with you, in other words!

  2. Like Sparx I have been a veggie for years and I would never dream of punting my opinions onto others, 2 of my 3 children are card carrying carnivores and that's always been and always will be fine by me.

    Complain long and loud to the school, that's not age appropriate.

  3. Wow I would be fuming and would be right into school about it. Yes they need to know about it but kids certainly don't need the graphics shoving into their faces. I wonder if the head teacher knew that she planned to give leaflets out to kids that age. My little one is only 4 but can go to after school club. I would have been livid! Good luck with the school