Thursday, 10 June 2010

Water thoughts

I love to swim. Sometimes in the pool, and sometimes in the lake. Occasionally in the sea. It doesn't really matter that much. I am a creature born of water it would appear. However, I definately have a place that i feel more comfortable in. In the pool, that is the second lane from the changing room side. Why? I dont know. i have no idea. This morning i had to swim in a different lane. Well, i didnt, but it was a different empty lane, or one with people in. At 7am on a thursday morning, when i have had a minor ruck about putting the bin out with W (sorry love!), a lab meeting at 8.30, and a hard swim set to empty lane is better. For all concerned.

So, this morning i swam in the lane but one closest to the window. This means i have to swim up the opposite side of the lane to the side i normally do. And it just didnt feel right. The water is no different, the lane ropes are the same, the only thing that is different is i am swimming with my left side closest to the lane rope, instead of my right. And i just dont like it. Like someone has taken my normal comfy swimming thing, and given it a little shove...a little nudge to the left.
I still did the swim, and i made it to the lab meeting in time, but it just felt ever so slightly off kilter. I dont imagine tonight will be much better, as i am heading to the lake....which is fine and dandy, but will be wearing my replacement Blue Seventy. I sent the Helix back, and will be wearing the second hand Synergie that i bought second hand on ebay. We shall see.

Talking of the normal world, but slightly off kilter, i had coffee with my lovely friend Dr L yesterday. She had some lovely good news, which is so exciting, but comes with a caveat. She is expecting identical twins....which is wonderful. But, like all twin pregnancies, not without its risks. So, instead of being delighted and happy, as she should be, she also has to reign it in, just in case. Her normal happy go lucky self is just ever so slightly tilted, shadowed with caution and fear.
If you are reading this sweet girl, hang on in there.....and grab onto the lane ropes if you need some support....

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