Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Unleashing the mummy monster.

Last night my cousin told me i 'held back' on my blog. I am not quite sure what he meant...maybe he thought i hadnt put enough of me into it. Hmmmmm. we shall see.

So. The tale of the veggie booklet continues. After my rant last night, i was feeling slightly calmer. A bit riled and indignant, but less blazing with fury. I enjoyed reading peoples comments on my facebook page, and was left feeling that i was right to go to school and make a complaint, and that being calm and level headed was a Good Thing.
I came downstairs this morning, fixed FG's packed lunch, and noticed a very subdued FT, not eating his cereal....pushing cereal around the bowl with his spoon.When asked what was up? I was told that ' X's mum told me that milk has pus in'
My calm exterior melted and the kraken was awakened. I went MAD. Trying to rein it in a bit, i said to him that did he really think that mummies would give milk to their babies if they thought it would harm them? Having breastfed him till 14 months, and then his sister till she was 2 1/2, i like to think i know what i am talking about....

I reminded him that if he EVER wanted to know ANYTHING about food, he was to ask me. 'You werent there though mummy' he said with a sad face. I know. But i am now.

And so off to school, to have words. I rode my bike round, because i was going straight to work, but i didnt put my shades on.....result being 2 great big fat tears rolling down my face when i get there, from the chill wind... I rock up and the school administrator is standing at the gate, as she does every morning, I ask to see the after school club leader. She isnt in. Can i see the Head then? All the teachers are in a meeting because Ofsted are in. DAMN! Just my luck....

She then asked, was i ok? I said no, i am RAGING..at which point the big fat tears turned into the real McCoy...I showed her the bloody booklet, and told her what had happened, and she immediately said right, come on, lets sort this.

Whilst waiting to see the school manager, i grabbed a couple of seconds to compose myself, and noticed a piece of FG's school work in the front entrance to school. About a visit from the fire brigade. Her writing is lovely, and i am very proud of her.....
The administrator came out and took me into see Mrs B. It would appear they had no idea and she was as shocked and horrified as i was. Apologising perfusely she said it would be sorted, and wanted me to be absolutely sure of that. She said the school would be taking it very seriously, and that they clearly needed to review their vetting policy. She was very angry with the parent in question, and said, on several occasions that the school is not a political arena, and the mother had had no right to behave in this way. She then, very sweetly went on to say that she had only really learnt about the reality of the meat industry when she was in her late teens, and the thought of it still upset her. So she understood absolutely how enraged i was feeling, and said it was entirely justified. I demanded an apology as well, and i sincerely hope that i will get one. She and the head will have a discussion, to talk about the best way to address this with the children who may have seen it. I shall be very interested to see what is decided upon.

After a good 20 minutes, before i left, Mrs B asked me very sweetly to avoid the parent in question. if i were to bump into her in the play ground.

Of course i promised......although the temptation to shove a piece of steak tartare down her scrawny opinionated neck is sooooo tempting......


  1. I would be so tempted to go to the butchers and buy a bag full of offal and tip it over her oh so righteous head! I'm not normally a vindictive person - honest.

    Well done you for addressing it. And lets hope the school follow up on their promise of sorting it out.

    Your poor little one not wanting milk because of what this woman said really must have made you want to scream.

  2. Personally I would be hunting down the parent to turn her into mince!

    Poor school management AND why was there not a teacher present? What was this parents teaching qualifications to be left alone with a class full of kids?

    Not on! No matter how much appologising they do I say this is worthy of a name and shame on the parent wha ha ha!