Monday, 21 June 2010

Difficult conversations to have with the kids.....

Sometimes you want to protect your children from the worst in this world. You try and cushion the news that is broadcast, or explain things in such a way that they understand, but arent to shocked or traumatised. Sometimes it is just too hard.
Some of the tougher things i have had to explain to my children are why Michael Jackson died. Why MY mum is dead..and subsequently, what is cancer. And then when will i die.....Afghanistan has come up, as has the oil crisis in the gulf of Mexico. All difficult and challenging issues for any parent.

We have had the period conversation with FG, and the mummy egg and daddy seed conversation with both of them. Our hands were forced the other day by the animal rights issue, thanks to the mum at school.

But what do you do when they see a news headline or news broadcast and want it explained?

Tonight, FT saw the news about Jon Venables.The catchy 'Bulger Killer on Child porn Charges' headline meant i was drawn into having to explain something i never ever wanted to. How to explain to an 8 year old, the horrors perpetrated by 2 boys, only 2 years older than him? How do you begin to explain even what Venables is back in prison for now?

Somethings just cant be explained. And i wish i wasnt put in the position where i have to try.

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