Sunday, 6 June 2010

There will be tears before bed time....

I have been somewhat erratic about taking my tablets recently. I have been on this particular drug for quite a long time now, at quite a high dose. And i have been rubbish at taking them. It isnt that i forget, or cant be bothered, i just dont seem to remember..and i feel ok for a few days, and then start to feel rubbish again, and then remember....

Yesterday was such a high day. I love marshalling at triathlons, absorbing the feeling of high energy, anticiaption and overwhelming excitement. Helping people achieve something they never thought they could achieve, even if it is something which i do with a relative amount of ease. Surrounded by my club mates, and introducing a good mate to triathlon, before he does his first. Seeing him alive with the atmosphere was a real priviledge, and a memory i will treasure.

But today, i feel sad and flat.  I should take my tablets and go and collect the new set of pills, but it feels a bit pointless right now. Which is a symptom of the disease, and not really the way i feel. I am tired and needing sleep. My beautiful children are home again, and W is coming back. All is good with the world.

But there will be tears..

and they will be mine.....:-(


  1. Hope you're having a better day today x I used to date a triathelete (he tried to do the Lanzarote iron man too) and I have utmost repect for those than can push their body that way. I think I should get a bloody medal for running my 4 miles 3 times a week !!! xx

  2. Thanks AuntieGwen. I am hoping to do Lanza next year..did Austria last year, and am heading out to Germany for IM number 2 in July...