Monday, 7 June 2010

When will you make my doorbell ring?

I am waiting for the postman. Sat here at home, when i should be at work, waiting for my replacement wetsuit to come....I tore a hole in my beautiful, and very expensive Blue Seventy Helix. I am gutted. And unsure as to whether it will be replaced, repaired or just ruined forever. Have been in touch with the company i bought it from, in the hope that they can sort it. And in the meantime, i am sat at home, waiting for the postman to bring me a second hand Synergie...which is almost as good. but not quite.


Am in two minds about going into work today, or just taking the day off and going in on friday instead. Am i up for a 4 hour ride this afternoon. Hmmmmm.

Plus point: it isnt raining. Yet.But i think it is only a matter of time. On the other hand. I am knackered and dont know if i can be bothered. Am not in the right mindset today, asi was intending on going to work, but the later it gets, the less sense it makes.....

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